The Books

Harry Vardon: A Career Record of a Champion Golfer

Harry Vardon: A Career Record of a Champion Golfer provides a definitive record of the playing career of Harry Vardon, one of the best golfers who has ever lived. It details his playing record through forty years and the changes to the game during his life. It attempts to bring back to life Vardon and his peers who have become the forgotten men of golf.

Vardon in America

The objective of this book is to illustrate how golf became such a popular pastime in America. The roles people played in making that so are long-forgotten, distant memories with the exception of a few, like Harry Vardon. But for overpopulation in Europe and political strife, which led to a mass exodus to North America, it is conceivable that golf would be no more thought of in this country than cricket, rugby, or soccer. The lowly golf professionals that escaped.....

Ted Ray: The Forgotten Man of Golf

This book is about Edward “Ted” Ray who was born in the village of Gorey on the east coast of the Island of Jersey near Grouville, which was the nursery of many famous golfers, including the legendary Harry Vardon. He was one of the biggest stars in professional golf, considered a mighty driver of the golf ball and a prince of putters. Ted won the Open Championship in 1912, the US Open in 1920 and many other prestige tournaments in.....